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  The selection of patrol environment, patrol section, patrol section and patrol bayonet by security personnel directly affects the efficiency and efficiency of security work. Here are some suggestions to help security guards patrol more effectively.
  Security Patrol "Cold Knowledge"
  Patrol environment choice is black rather than bright: when patrol environment choice, usually choose no light or relatively dark geographical environment. Why? The main reason is that black crime has always been one of the characteristics of criminal law.
  Patrol sections are quiet rather than noisy: Patrol sections are usually chosen with relatively few pedestrians and no dog noise.
  Patrol section selection is small but not large: Patrol section selection, usually choose narrow roads, inconvenient patrol vehicle travel path.
  Patrol bayonet choice not block: Patrol bayonet choice, usually choose to facilitate the escape of criminals at the intersection, do not choose dead ends.
  Laiwu Security Service
  What types of security patrols are involved
  Fixed-line patrol inspection: refers to the regular round-trip inspection of patrol personnel according to the designated route within a certain period of time. That is to say, patrol officers start from point A to point B, then return to point A along the original road from point B, and conduct regular patrols on the forward and backward lines.
  Random Patrol: also known as Uncertain Patrol Route, refers to patrol personnel in their areas of responsibility according to the needs of patrol tasks, free choice of patrol routes, circuitous patrol. This patrol mode is conducive to mobilizing the patrol personnel's enthusiasm and initiative, is not easy to understand and grasp, and easy to put the parts prone to problems into the patrol personnel's sight.
  Combination of queue and chaos: refers to the method that patrol personnel cross-use queue patrol and chaotic patrol according to specific circumstances in patrol. This method is more conducive to the control of time and space, and can achieve the effect of comprehensive prevention and control.
  Laiwu Security Service
  Point-line combination: The so-called "point" refers to the more important parts of the patrol area or the vulnerability to problems, weak prevention links. "Line" refers to a patrol extension line connected by a number of points. The combination of point and line means not only the centralized patrol and vigilance within a small area of "point", but also the walking and control of the circuit through "line", so as to realize the key patrol points and lines.
  "Three-point" patrol formation: refers to the patrol in the form of three-point patrol, each divided into a group of two to three people, each 10 to 15 meters apart. Such patrol formation can increase patrol personnel's field of vision, expand patrol coverage, reduce the time and space out of control in patrol area, and help to improve the overall combat capability.
  "Chinese" formation: When a patrol finds out that a suspicious person needs to be questioned, it uses the word "Chinese" formation to put the questioning object into the word "Zhong", which can effectively prevent the suspicious person from escaping and can attack from all sides. If there is a risk, it may also reduce the casualties of the patrol personnel.
  Laiwu Security Service
  Matters needing attention in security patrol
  1. 在执行巡逻任务?#20445;?#30333;天走路时应挺直肩膀,自然大方;晚上要安静。对声音、气味、灯光和可疑迹象保持警惕。巡逻时应保持警惕,沿着墙壁或树影,注意躲避灯光,?#21592;?#38544;藏自己,实现敌人对我的视觉,敌人看不见我。
  1. In carrying out patrol tasks, shoulders should be straightened during the day, natural and generous, and quiet at night. Be alert to sounds, smells, lights and suspicious signs. Patrol should be vigilant, along the walls or tree shadows, pay attention to avoid lights, in order to hide themselves, to achieve the enemy's vision of me, the enemy can not see me.
  2. Two or more persons shall carry out patrol tasks at the same time. When circumstances arise, they shall support each other and give full play to the advantages of collective strength. During the day, visual and gesture signals can be used to communicate with patrol security personnel; at night, they can be contacted by clapping hands or flashlights, but the signals and passwords should be agreed in advance. Far away, use walkie-talkie connections.
  3. When patrolling, we must adopt a combination of stop-and-go mode. Ears, eyes, nose, time is fast and time is slow, and suddenly change the direction of travel. For patrol sections with better public security conditions, the mode of passage may be adopted. For areas with complex public security situation or relatively remote areas, one or more irregular time turns should be taken to patrol by means of horse-gun fire; for the main objectives of patrol areas in cities, the method of repeated patrols with focus and circulation should be adopted for the periphery of areas with many key locations or busy places. When suspicious situations are found, close monitoring and care should be taken.
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