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Dangerous goods must be transported by relevant departments or Laiwu security company to ensure that it can arrive at the destination safely. There will be no accidents, because the threat of dangerous goods is too high.
The so-called dangerous goods are explosives, flammable, toxic, corrosive, radioactive and other properties, mainly gasoline, diesel, detonators, explosives, methanol, ethanol, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine, pesticides, yellow phosphorus, phenol and so on. The delivery of dangerous goods is a kind of special transport by special arrangements or technicians to use special vehicles for unconventional goods. There are about 2 million tons and more than 3000 kinds of dangerous goods transported by highway in our country each year. Once the leak, blasting, formation of injuries is often enormous. Such as the attack on the Beijing Shanghai Expressway on the formation of liquid chlorine leak incident, nearly 30 people died, more than 400 people were poisoned, more than 10 thousand people scattered, many livestock and crops died, more than 20 thousand acres of land from pollution, the direct economic loss of 29 million 10 thousand yuan; attack large blasting trouble in Jiangxi Liwen expressway, the truck carrying nuclear as long as 1.48 tons. Carrying 6 tons of black powder, gunpowder shipment of 300% surcharge, forming a large 27 people died of malignant trouble.
In recent years, the number of dangerous goods and transportation vehicles have been developing steadily and rapidly with the economy. During transportation, the major accidents caused by the environment, vehicles, hazardous chemicals and human's unsafe behaviors happen frequently, which seriously threaten and threaten human's safety and environmental pollution. And the transportation of dangerous goods is mainly by the private and shareholding companies. Drivers and escorts liquidity, is affiliated shipping company, the uneven quality of personnel, handling difficult. In addition, in order to reduce the cost and create more economic benefits, the freight owners generally have the phenomenon of fast running, overloading and getting sick. Therefore, it is an effective way to alleviate the severe situation of dangerous goods transportation by establishing a monitoring and early warning system for transporting dangerous goods, so that the transportation and handling of dangerous goods is scientific, standardized and institutionalized.
Dangerous goods transport vehicles to install GPS system, GPS as the "TeleEye", real-time positioning tracking and monitoring of dangerous goods transport vehicles will be in operation condition, timely capture of the vehicle location, speed and stop time of detailed data, with overspeed alarm, alarm, alarm control of cross-border travel, tired real time range query, information and network security services, help anti theft and operation line monitoring function. Once the situation is critical, the system will automatically alarm, and within 10 seconds, the violation status of vehicle will be sent to the control room and recorded, so as to timely rescue and minimize the occurrence of public safety and public life safety incidents.
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