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At present, the main problems of China's overseas commercial security enterprises are as follows: the following four aspects:
The first is the lack of market capacity. Although the protection of overseas interests has received extensive attention from the government and the society, the overall market size of overseas security is still limited. The existing overseas security market is based on the overseas projects of "going out" large state-owned enterprises, with personnel training and personnel dispatching as the main business model. This market mode can only be realized by competing overseas projects with limited number of large state-owned enterprises, but for many enterprises, especially engineering contracting enterprises, the profits of overseas projects are very thin, and it is difficult to pay extra security costs. If the enterprise's overseas risk awareness is insufficient, it will not even consider the expenditure. At the same time, a large number of "go out" small and medium-sized private enterprises or individuals, because of lack of credit guarantee, security enterprises can not expect to get stable service revenue, and can not form a stable market supply and demand relationship.
Second is the inadequacy of enterprise scale. The existing tempted to "go out" overseas security enterprise mainly has two parts: one is the power of domestic security companies have a certain strength to "go out", this kind of company, the scale is not small, but the lack of overseas experience; two has been carried out and dispatched training overseas security companies. This type of company has certain overseas experience, but generally small. With the limited size of the market itself, it is very difficult for the enterprise to develop and expand.
Third is the lack of business ability. Overseas security is not a simple way to send a few security guards at the door to be able to solve, once out of the way to face overseas unfamiliar and complex environment. If there is no local government relations, community relations, and intelligence support, "go out" can only be a black eye. Many countries explicitly prohibit foreigners from holding guns in their policies, and even do not allow foreign security forces to exist, without weapons, and can not stand at the door of the door. In fact, overseas security is a systematic project, in addition to send security defense, still need to complete the design of all aspects of prevention and protection, engineering, technology, management, intelligence, ability and experience in this area China existing security companies is weak.
The fourth is the lack of internationalization. The existing Chinese security forces who carry out overseas business actually go out with the "going global" project, and have not really realized the independent "going global". Many security companies define their goals as "serving overseas Chinese enterprises", which has great limitations in itself. It seems that China's security enterprises can't provide services to foreigners. Due to the lack of necessary language, intelligence and diplomatic capacity, the security force that has gone out can only stay inside the fence provided by foreign security guards, and has not realized the real localization and internationalization operation.
Of course, for Chinese overseas business security companies in the bud, it is also unrealistic to solve the above four problems overnight. The developed countries in Europe and America Security enterprises has gone through hundreds of years of history, are behind the British Empire or American hegemony of state power in support of Britain or the United States hundreds of years of overseas military presence has laid the foundation of the world and accumulation and intelligence work experience and knowledge for these enterprises.
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