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As the name suggests, the security company security is engaged in the protection of enterprises and institutions and personnel security, although not the police, security use fully operate according to the market, play a special role in certain situations, is very important to the enterprises and individuals, can be said to be the public security organ's right hand is important "a force to maintain social order".
However, in real life, the reputation of security is not very good. Perhaps some business leaders of the security responsibilities of the misunderstanding, perhaps is the expansion of personal desires, some parts of the security is not in accordance with the law, and the regulation is not in place, so that the security beatings, search and so on the infringement of citizens' personal and property safety incidents happen frequently, and even become a personal or business "guardin". Business leaders say, how to do security, to the interests of the individual, the security can flagrant violations, what is more, some places of entertainment not through formal channels and the use of "black security", while wearing security uniforms, but only to protect the interests of the few crimes in the field of entertainment indifferent, and the normal law enforcement by blocking.
In recent years, there has been a lot of calls for strengthening security management. Though rectifying and managing many times, the effect is not very good, because the security industry itself is flawed. It is not proper for the public security organs to manage the security industry alone, but it seems impossible for them to manage all of them. After all, the wages of the security personnel are paid by the users. Therefore, it is particularly important to standardize the behavior of the security guards in legislation and establish the correct direction of development of the security guards.
In the future, entertainment shall not recruit security, security and shall not have the right to refuse illegal illegal execution security guard unit or customer unit, and a security guard unit may not be due to security guards do not perform illegal instruction termination and security guards of the labor contract, reduce the labor remuneration and other benefits, or stop payment, payment in accordance with the law shall pay social insurance premiums. Security personnel in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state sacrifice martyrs praise enjoy pensions and preferential treatments, these specific measures in a timely manner is also in place, not only establishes the legal status of the security (security no longer there is no sense of belonging, can be used to thinking in studying business and improve the security level), also hold the waist for the security industry, let the security thoroughly remove the "Guardin" hat.
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